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Creating a unique and elegant space necessitates an out layer composed of quality materials and painted with excellence. Extraordinary exteriors can be achieved by using Smart Roofers in Brooklyn, NY. Our team of expert house painters and experienced customer service staff aims to supply exceptional service exceeding customer expectations.

The exterior layer of a home or building serves as the face of the space, providing protection, property value, and aesthetics. First impressions are everything, and they are essential when it comes to purchasing or selling a home or business – putting your best foot forward means having a place with a nice coat of paint on it.

As house painters in Brooklyn, NY, we know how exceptional New York homes and businesses are. We also understand that the hustle and bustle everyone talks about is authentic and can become inconvenient when attempting to begin a home project.

Life is busy, but Smart Roofers are always accessible to get started on your next painting or construction projects.

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professional paintersThe Best Brooklyn House Painters

fresh coat of paint can entirely transform your home. Here at Smart Roofers, NY, we put quality first and our customers at the forefront of every project.

We take great pride in working with fellow residents of Brooklyn, and we want to provide New York with transformative paint jobs. There are plenty of ways to boost the exterior of your home and residential community.

Our business was created to provide innovative and creative interior and exterior painting solutions. We are a roofing business that can also offer a remarkable painting job. Our house painters have put in the work and pay attention to our customer’s wants and needs.

brooklyn painting companyProfessional Brooklyn Painters

Your next painting project should be armed with professional painters and a team of staff that details their work and is willing to support you as a client wholeheartedly.

Smart Roofers is a business of Brooklyn painters with tremendous experience and quality skills. Our New York house painters approach each project individually and do everything we do with our customers in mind.

The expert team in house painting

There is always room to grow in your home. Painting the kitchen cabinets or shutters can be a drastic and positive change in curb appeal and appearance. Our reputation was developed over time – it was something we had to earn.

We work to maintain our positive reviews and reliable reputation by establishing valuable relationships with our clients.

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Professional Exterior Painting Project In Brooklyn

accessible painting companyInclusive and accessible painting company

Accessibility is a convenience, and often, consumers pay for convenience. In New York, anything convenient comes at a steep price but not Smart Roofers NY!

Our sales team, customer service staff, and Brooklyn painters – work together to provide inclusive services that anyone can access.

We know New York is one of the most popular locations to live in the country, but as the housing and rent prices continue to rise in Brooklyn – we want to offer affordable services to our community.

exterior and interiorRoofing & Exterior Company in Brooklyn, NY

As a roofing company in Brooklyn, our expertise and professional knowledge expands to more exterior parts of your property. We also offer the following services:

  • Brick and block masonry
  • Concrete Work
  • Sidewalk paving
  • Brick Pointing
  • Facade Renovation
  • Exterior Painting
  • Fire Escape Repair
  • Parapet Wall

painters near meSchedule an appointment and get a Free Quote Today

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation and estimate on any exterior project that you are considering. Our licensed, bonded, and insured inspectors will assess the exterior work that needs to be completed on your property and walk you through the entire process and building materials that will be used in your renovation project. Once the inspection is completed you will be provided with an exact cost for the exterior renovation which you desire with no hidden costs or surprises.

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Exterior Painting Company Near Me

local exterior paintersLocal Painters in Brooklyn, NY

Painting is not just a job; it is expressive and creative, providing warmth and happiness. We are in the business of creating joy and satisfaction in New York, and we want to supply a stress-free painting process to our clients.

As house painters in Brooklyn, NY, we understand how important it is to maintain your home, but – a house is only a home with the homeowner’s personal touch. Painting your house can be an extension of your creativity.

exterior painting companyThe Right Company for the Painting Job

Your house is your personal space, and that is something sacred. When you hire painters to come into your space, we understand that it is highly subjective.

Painting is an element of expression. Painters can take a canvas, whether a house, building, or business, and turn it into something new! It also provides the following:

  • Adds value to the home.
  • Provides “curb appeal” & upgrades the aesthetics.
  • Protects the house from weather and natural wear.
  • It helps to repair existing damages.
  • Elevates the lifespan of the house siding.
  • Defends from Peeling/Staining
  • Prevents Moisture build-up.
painting & scaffolding
Scaffolding At An Exterior Painting Site

painting contractors iconPrecision Painting Contractor

Smart Roofers approach everything with knowledge and experience. Our Brooklyn house painters leave every task as is. Painting your house is an extensive project, but the benefits of the exterior are practical and something to savor.

Our precision painting is unmatched in New York – this is the only painting company that comes close to our standards. As professional painters, we seek to provide our client’s options and autonomy throughout any project.

roofing quote nycFree estimate

Our free estimates are meant to provide perspective. Every project we have completed begins with a consultation and free estimate. This allows the client to schedule with other house painters in Brooklyn, New York, and compare quotes.

customer serviceGreat customer service

Quality customer service is necessary for all projects. Our customer service team is integral to the quality of assistance we can provide as contractors.

Smart Roofers New York adheres to a code of conduct, standards, and morals. The client comes first, and we are here to serve the citizens of Brooklyn.

daily communication iconDaily communication

We specialize in providing continual communication and walking with our customers step-by-step throughout the painting project. Our house painters can supply precision painting while providing support throughout the process.

We are professional painters in Brooklyn, New York, and we want to work as a team with our clients for the best outcome on your painting projects.

final result exterior painting
An Amazing Final Result!

satisfaction painters brooklynSatisfaction guaranteed

Brooklyn painters are different than other painting companies. We aren’t going to leave when the job is done simply; we want to make sure our client is satisfied with the work completed.

If additional services are required, we will go above and beyond to end each project with delighted customers!

brooklyn exterior iconInterior and Exterior Painting Services in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Residential Painting Services

Many painting companies offer residential painting services, but only some offer what Smart Roofers can. Brooklyn is one of the most popular locations to live in New York, and there are all different kinds of homes within the community.

When you go to hire your painter in Brooklyn, NY, consider the type of project you are seeking. Your house deserves the best painters Brooklyn offers, and our residential projects create room for any New York home to flourish.

Smart Roofers house painters offer a multitude of exterior and interior painting services, and we specialize in both:

  • Door Painting
  • Fence Painting
  • Deck Painting
  • Garage Painting
  • Brick Painting
  • Siding Painting
  • Stucco Painting
  • Window & Trim Painting
  • Powerwashing
  • Maintenance
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Brooklyn’s Best Exterior Painters

Commercial Paint Job

We aren’t just house painters – we can paint your business too! As a Brooklyn business, we understand the importance of first impressions and the need for upkeep on the “house” for your company.

Whether you are a gym, office, retail business, or restaurant – Smart Roofers New York has a team of painting technicians to get the job done!

Smart Roofers offers an extensive range of services:

  • Powerwashing
  • Drywall Repair
  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Molding Repair/Molding Installation
  • Roof Coats
  • Door Painting
  • Siding Painting
  • Stucco Painting
  • Wallpaper Removal/Wallpaper Installation

paint colorsPaint Colors & Options

The color consultation is on us! Our house painters work to yield the best results possible. It is more than just painting – it is a means of self-expression and placing your best foot forward.

Color is fun, but there is also a lot to consider when deciding on your home or business colors. There are multiple factors to consider:

The surrounding environment and elements of nature influence the home. (The homes surrounding it may also influence your color choice.) If your house was in New Jersey, where you had a lot of land and trees providing shade, you might choose a lighter color, but in Brooklyn, New York, that is not the case.

Existing colors within the home’s landscape will heavily influence the color palette. The roof, garage, driveway, and yard area are all home accents and must be considered in the decision-making process.

The style and architecture affect the overall feeling of the home. If there are certain features of the home you want to accentuate – color is a means of doing that!

The Painting Project Process

Our Brooklyn house painters maintain a sense of professionalism, but it is not solely about being professional but also about being human.

We want to develop long-term working relationships with our clients while making the process simple –

Free Consultation – reviewing your free quote and allowing time to compare quotes between other painting companies.

Scheduling Your Painting Project – our project managers will schedule the start of the process and review guidelines for the timeline and all functional elements of the project.

House Painters Begin – the house painters will begin the project and work as quickly as possible to stay on schedule as projected.

Walkthrough & Maintenance – our house painters will complete a full inspection of the work completed alongside the client and ensure any future maintenance is done.

painting process
Painting Process in Brooklyn, NY

custom painting iconCustom Painting

Professional custom painting allows the customer to control the painting process completely. At Smart Roofers New York, we aim to individualize the process for every customer by supplying options for customization.

Our Brooklyn house painters strive to differentiate every project by providing an experience tailored to the client and their home or business,

best customer service in townHire Smart Roofers NY For Your Painting Service

House painters in Brooklyn, New York, are professional, reliable, and accessible to everyone for residential and commercial painting services. Smart Roofers NY is a company you can trust.

Our house painters have cultivated their craft and remain consistent in providing our clients a skill, precision, and quality customer servicePaint your world with Smart Roofers NY, and allow us the pleasure of completing the painting.

Schedule Consultation For Your Free Estimate Today

New York never sleeps, and neither does Smart Roofers – so what are you waiting for? Jump on the opportunity to work with our five-star house painters in Brooklyn, NY, and schedule your free consultation and quote today!

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Smart Roofers Painters In Action!

Our Painting Jobs – Client-Verified Reviews

Sarah B.Locating a Painting Company in Long Island City

“Smart Roofers NY did an excellent job painting the exterior of our home. When I started looking for different painting companies to hire, I felt stressed out until I landed on Smart Roofers.

Their house painters walked me through my painting project and gave me peace of mind. Our painter was highly professional and very careful. We will be looking to hire them again for our interior painting job next!” – Sarah B.

Ellie S.Extremely Professional Painters in Brooklyn, NY

“I have used house painters before, but when we moved into our new home in Brooklyn, I was much more thorough in my search.

Smart Roofers NY did a fantastic job and approached our paint job with great care. They provided ethical business, free estimates, and qualified local painters.” – Ellie S.

Candace E.Excellent Communication & Excellent Workmanship in Staten Island

“Smart Roofers offers a painting service you should never pass up! I initially thought they only handled roofing matters, but I was excited when I realized they could help paint our home.

They have professional painters who take pride in their work. Our primary painter worked with us through the tedious process of choosing colors, testing various options, and finally reaching the result. I couldn’t be more delighted!” – Candace E.

Sam S.Water Damage Repairs Needed in Crown Heights

“Dealing with water damage is a nightmare, but when you are working with a team of reliable house painters in Crown Heights, it doesn’t seem all that bad.

Our lives are busy, and so is New York, and the damages occurred over time. We are so glad we received a referral to Smart Roofers, NY. They helped repair the damage and also completed an exceptional paint job!” – Sam S.

Ryland D.Our Go-To Company for Roofers and Painters in the Tri-State Area

“Smart Roofers New York did a beautiful job painting our interior kitchen cabinets and the exterior trim of our home. Their painting services were beyond anything we expected.

They do quality work and provide many paint colors and options – better than other painting companies in New York. If you are searching for a painter – Smart Roofers New York is the way to go!” – Ryland D.

Rufus S.Outstanding Paint Job For Our New House in Brooklyn, NY

“We could not be happier with our house now that it has a new paint job. Smart Roofers Brooklyn painters went above and beyond our expectations throughout the painting project.

Their house painters came as a highly recommended New York contractor, and I now highly recommend their painter service to anyone in Brooklyn, New York!” – Rufus S.

Picture of Mike L.
Mike L.

Mike has been working as a roofer since 1995. He dealt with all roof types & condition. Mike will love to share from his experience with you. Call Smart Roofers NY today!

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