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Smart Roofing NYC—For All Your Roofing and Home Exterior Needs

Your home’s roofing and exterior are what keep it structurally sound and safe. At Smart Roofing NYC, we understand how critical it is that your home’s exterior stays in great shape. After storms or natural wear and tear, your home has seen a lot. Therefore, let us inspect and conduct any repairs, replacements, or installations at an affordable price.

Safety and reliability are core principles in our business practices. We ensure that every technician working on your project is skilled, certified, and experienced to tackle your roofing or exterior needs. Plus, we always equip them with safe and state-of-the-art equipment to perfectly handle the job.

For service with no complications and stellar quality, call Smart Roofing NYC!

What We Offer

All our services come guaranteed with high-quality and friendly service. If you live in New York City or the surrounding neighborhoods, we are more than happy to bring the roofing and exterior services you need to maintain a secure home. Call Smart Roofing NYC for:

Roof Replacement

Shaky tree branches, intense storms, and natural wear and tear all threaten the integrity of your roof. So, when these potential hazards become a reality, you can rely on us to get your roof back in shape. Smart Roofing NYC offers complete roof replacements for those that need a total update. Backed with advanced technology and up-to-date equipment, our roof replacement technique is safe, reliable, and polished.

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Roof Repair

Many roofing accidents and deteriorations do not require a full reconstruction at all. Rather, they just need some simple damage control. All the roofers at Smart Roofing NYC are licensed and certified, alongside years of experience, and can make resourceful decisions based on your roof’s current state. We believe that simple roofing repairs should not cost much nor take too much time—all this gets factored into our service of your roof.

Roof Installation 

If your home needs a total roofing update, we also have roof installation services within our toolbelt. We offer shingles roofing and eco-friendly roofing, as well as installation for skylights and roof pavers. If you are looking for some more curb appeal, the roofing can make a huge difference, and Smart Roofing NYC is right there to help with the installation.

Siding Installation

Siding is another excellent way to update the curb appeal of your home. It can also add more value to your property. We offer installation of vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding. You get to pick which works best for your home or property, and we complete the installation. All the expert installers on our team are licensed and experienced to complete installations without any hassle or issue. We can also discuss which siding is best for your home based on its roof and exterior.

Exterior Installation and Painting

If siding is not your thing, Smart Roofing NYC can also help with installing an exterior update. The materials we work with are brick and concrete. We can also conduct installations for fire escapes, or, if you need an entire renovation of your façade, we can also oversee the upgrades. We want to make sure that you are as comfortable with your home’s exterior security as you are with its design. For this, we also have exterior painting services so that your property’s color is exactly as you want it.

Stucco Installation 

We at Smart Roofing NYC have a lot of experience installing stucco, a staple of many American homes. We offer one-coat stucco or three-coat, as well as EIFS. If you are unsure about how much stucco to do, or if you are uncertain that stucco is the best option for your property, call Smart Roofing NYC, and we can discuss which is best for you.

Trustworthy Roofing and Exterior Service in New York City

Smart Roofing NYC has spent years in the roofing and exterior industry, learning the ins and outs and all the core secrets. We apply everything that we have learned into our business practice to ensure that you have a wonderful experience that leaves you with quality craftsmanship.

All our technicians arrive fully certified, licensed, and experienced. You can have total confidence in their work—just as we do. Ask them questions and make the most of your experience because your roofer has all the knowledge you need to take care of the updates after they are complete.

There is no reason to settle with the roof or exterior that you have now. Call us for affordable options that allow you to revamp and repair the roofing, siding, or exterior of your home or property. Get a free quote before we start, and make sure that you get your money’s worth—which we guarantee!

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Mike has been working as a roofer since 1995. He dealt with all roof types & condition. Mike will love to share from his experience with you. Call Smart Roofers NY today!

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