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Keeping the roof of your house in good repair is essential. Your roof protects you, your family, and your belongings, as well as the structural integrity of your home, from the weather.

brooklyn roofers near meWhen you look at your NY roof and notice things like lifting shingles or leaks staining ceilings and walls, or another roofing issue, it’s time for roof repair or roof replacement by a reputable company that offers free quotes, does great work, and offers the best, speediest service in the business.

There are a lot of roofing options when it comes to materials and roofing systems on the market for your building and a lot of roofing contractors in Brooklyn, NY, and the Brooklyn area.

With so much at stake, it’s important to choose only the best roofing company, one that offers a free quote for both installation and repair, as well as quality materials.

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It’s likely you’ve never thought much about roofing contractors in NY, roof material, or things like gutter repair.

They all play a part in protecting your home or commercial space.

If you look around your Brooklyn, NY, area neighborhood, you’ll see that most house roofs have shingles.

There are some great reasons for that.

roof questionWhy Should I Choose a Shingle Roof?

With so many different roofing materials to choose from in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY, and the surrounding areas, here’s why you should choose shingles for your new roof.

You might see some flat roofs here and there, but a flat roof doesn’t offer the advantages in NY of a shingle roof to your house or business, and flat roof repairs can be difficult to execute for many roofers.

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Shingle Roofers in Action!

shingle roof iconWhy not a flat roof?

A flat roof works well for some applications, but they don’t work for NY pitched roofs. Flat roofs are just that–flat, and the water flow is very different from pitched roofs, and pooling and vegetation growth is common, both of which undermine the integrity of flat roofs in New York.

Flat roofing also doesn’t make for an easy or efficient roof repair.

Flat roofs aren’t very pretty

While flat roofing might be cheaper, it may not suit your Brooklyn NY, house or business if you have a pitched roof, or your aesthetics.

shingle roofingShingles offer some great advantages

When it comes to roofing material in NY, shingles are hard to beat for life expectancy, ease of installation, and ease of roof repairs, and are the preferred material of roofing contractors in Brooklyn, New York.

Here’s why so many Brooklyn, NY, roofing companies love shingle roofs, whether for a new roof or roof repair.

roofers near meShingles are a lightweight roofing material

When looking at roofing systems in NY, weight is important. Shingles can be used on pretty much any residential or business roof.

This is a great advantage if you have a house or business that can’t support a heavier roof like slate tiles or clay.

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High-Quality Lightweight Shingle Roof Materials

Shingles give you plenty of design options

They come in many designs and textures to suit the aesthetic of your New York home.

roof colorsYou can add color to your house or business

Shingles come in all sorts of colors, from blue to gray to brown, that can add a pop of color to your New York home or business.

They can make your home more energy efficient

Underlayment during roof installation can make your NY home more energy efficient, which means your new roof has a great return on investment over your old roof.

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Decrease Your Energy Bills!

Make your house or business quieter

Asphalt shingles, in particular, combined with the underlayment, do a great job of sound insulation in noisy New York, and when a roof is being replaced, underlayment is part of the installation.

easy shingle repairEasy to repair or replace

Brooklyn, NY, roof repair is easy with shingles. Roofing contractors in Brooklyn can make repairs that involve just one or many.

These easy repairs aren’t possible in NY with any other type of roofing material, another reason every roofing company and commercial roofing contractor in New York loves them.

You get ultimate flexibility

If you want to add a skylight or install a chimney for that new fireplace in Brooklyn New York, shingles make it easy.

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Smart Roofers Team Installing New Shingles

layered shingle roof iconThey can be laid over your existing roof

Once roof repair is no longer an option and it’s time for a new roof in NY, installation can be done over your existing one by roofing contractors in Brooklyn.

Of course, it depends on how many layers are already on your old roof, and a roofing contractor can let you know if that’s a possibility when they swing by to provide you with a free estimate in New York.

Many roofing services do this in New York, and you can get a free quote on such jobs.

And don’t forget about your gutters. You may need a gutter job along with your roof job, and a good NY roofing company can do that.

affordable roofingAffordability

In particular, asphalt shingles are the material of choice in Brooklyn, NY, for roof projects and the favorite roof type across the country.

This roof material can go easily over your existing roof–talk to your roofing company.

Just make sure you get free estimates from a number of Brooklyn, NY, roofing companies before you choose a service for your repair, new roof, or any other roof work.

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shingle roofing company brooklynWhat’s the Best Choice for Your Roofing Job?

You have choices when it comes to materials, and Brooklyn, New York, roofing contractors should be able to offer you all the options as part of their service to meet all of your roofing needs.

But which is the right roof for you for repair or replacement in NY?

asphalt roof brooklynAsphalt roof

Asphalt is certainly the most popular roofing material in Brooklyn, NY, and elsewhere because of its affordability and aesthetic.

This material is great because you can shape it in more ways than other materials to make interesting patterns.

The years of service offered by asphalt varies by material quality. When you get your free quote, discuss this with your NY roofing professional.

Some of the roofing options are:

strip roofing iconStrip

These are the most basic, made from one layer of asphalt.

These are the most economical and were widely used before designer options were added.

This type of material is still available and will do the job, but most of these types are being replaced when reroofing is done.

Because they are still available, if you have this type of roof and need service, roofers can find them to do the work in Brooklyn, NY. asphalt roofers brooklyn

dimensional roofingDimensional

These are also known as architectural, and they are the most commonly used in Brooklyn, NY, for roofing work, and do a fine job of protecting your home.

Made from layers of asphalt to offer a multi-dimensional appearance, they are meant to look like wood shingles or natural slate.

This type is heavier than the strip type and usually comes with a better warranty from the company.

luxury roofLuxury

These are the highest-quality available for your roof in Brooklyn NY and across the country.

When put into service, they offer better protection from weather-related aesthetic damage.

They also provide a look that closely resembles wood shake and quarried slate roofing for those who want an old-world aesthetic in their Brooklyn, NY, roofing.

plastic roofing brooklynPlastic

When you get roofing using plastic in NY, it looks much like wood shakes or slate, but weighs less than asphalt and only a fraction of the weight of slate.

When put into service, plastic resists hail, wind, and fire, as well as extreme changes in temperature.

You can even walk on plastic roofing without damaging it!

It can also be made from recycled material and offers up to 50 years of life.

The downside of this material is that it doesn’t provide much insulation, so it can increase your cooling and heating bills.

Repair is simple, and can be performed as a service by many roofing companies in Brooklyn and elsewhere in NY.

metal roofing brooklyn nycMetal

Metal is a lightweight option. It will also provide many years of service in Brooklyn, NY.

Metal doesn’t encourage the growth of plants or algae, and they also are completely recyclable, so they are great for the environment.

They also are manufactured using 25% to 95% recycled material.

Metal offers an average of 80 years of service in Brooklyn, NY, which means you may never have to replace your roof in your lifetime.

When you get your free estimates, discuss metal with your roofing specialist.

While metal can cost more than other materials, you can save money through reduced cooling costs, because metal reflects heat in Brooklyn, NY.

stone roofing solutionsStone

Stone roofing is not very common in Brooklyn, NY, but this roof type can last hundreds of years if properly maintained by a roofing professional.

Stone is also eco-friendly, so it makes a great choice for eco-conscious roofing in NY.

roof faqHow Do You Choose the Best Roofing Company in Brooklyn, NY?

When you’re looking for the best possible roofing contractor to repair or replace roofs in NY, you have to know what a great roofing firm looks like.

Whether it’s a repair to your existing one, or you need other roofing services like installation or gutter repair, you want to make sure you’re getting quality work along with that free estimate in Brooklyn, NY.

After all, you are protecting both your family and your property, so you want to choose the best company.

Here’s what to look for.

best roofers in brooklyn
Choose The Best – Call Smart Roofers Today!

qualified roofers brooklynMake sure they have the right qualifications

Make sure your Brooklyn, NY roofing service company meets all the standards and licensing requirements set by the city of Brooklyn and the state of NY.

They may be able to do a fine job, but if they aren’t properly licensed, don’t hire them to do your roofing.

licensed roofers brooklynMake sure they are insured

You want your roofing services company to be insured for liability in case they damage your Brooklyn, NY home or business.

You also want to make sure they have worker’s compensation since roofing can be dangerous work. What if someone fell off of your roof?

bonded roofers nycIf they aren’t insured, make sure they are bonded

This means a bonding company has issued a bond that makes them liable for default or any failure by your NY roofer.

If anything goes wrong with your NY roof installation and it is the fault of the contractor, the bonding company will handle fixing whatever went wrong.

Some contractors in NY and elsewhere choose security bonds over insurance.

bonded and insured roofers
Smart Roofers – Licensed, Bonded & Insured

roofing reference ny Do they have references?

There’s nothing better than a personal reference. You might be tempted by that family owned company, but that might not be your best choice. Often smaller family owned companies can’t provide the level of skill and speed of larger firms.

Of course, check Google and other reviews, but ask your NY contractor for the names and phone numbers of their actual customers. One question to ask is if they ever felt pressured to purchase extra or unneeded services. Who wants that?

roofing quote nycThey will give you a free quote

Never hire someone in NY to do work on your roof if they won’t give you a free estimate.

affordable roofing companyDo they offer the services you need?

Not every roofing firm offers every service you might need, so be sure to ask. The most common services include:

roof inspection brooklynRoof inspections

A good NY roofer will inspect your roof for leaks and damage, as well as your gutters. You may think your roof looks great, but regular inspections should be done to catch problems before they have any impact on your NY home or business.

roofing cautions in brooklynRepair and maintenance

Some only want to install new roofs in NY. Find one that will also repair your roof and do any needed maintenance.

roof repair brooklyn
Start Your Roof Repair Project Today!

roof cleaningCleaning

Unless you have a metal roof, you might find a jungle up there. Plants and algae love NY roofs, but they can cause plenty of damage. Algae love to feed on the limestone in the asphalt, and plants can grow on pretty much any other material.

roof sealing brooklynSealing, treating, and painting

Wood roofs need to be sealed, and metal roofs may need to be painted in NY. Find a roofing contractor that can perform these needed services.

gutter repair and cleaningGutter cleaning

All sorts of things can fall into your gutters, clogging downspouts and causing water to back up into your home. Gutters should be cleaned yearly in NY, so pick a roofer who will do this on an annual basis.

new roof company

Repair and installation

You want a one-stop shop, so the contractor you choose for your NY roof should do both repairs and installation.

roof faqAre they experienced?

You want a roofing firm that has decades of experience, not mere years. An experienced roofer will have seen pretty much everything and will be able to offer the best cost-effective solution for your issues.

ask roofer nearbyWhat Questions Should I Ask My Roofer?

Roofs are a big investment, so you want to make sure you’re hiring the best NY firm for the job. To make sure you’re roofer is the right one, make sure you get free estimates–great customer service is part of the job.

Ask these questions:

  • Do you install all types of roofing? If not, which ones?
  • Will you work with my insurance company on a repair claim?
  • Do you perform a free inspection on-site?
  • Do your roofers take photos while inspecting and also after the job is done?
  • Can you give me a written quote after you’ve completed the inspection?
  • Does the manufacturer’s warranty cover your work?
  • What’s your track record for completing projects on time? How do you schedule, and what happens if the weather is bad?
  • Do you clean up after the job? Do you recycle? And will there be a charge for the cleanup?
  • What forms of payment do you accept, and is financing available?

Always be sure to get at least three bids, and no trustworthy NY roofing firm will ask you to pay more than 15% of the total project cost in advance.

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free quote roofingWhen it Comes to Roofing Contractors, Smart Roofers is the Best in Brooklyn, NY!

Smart Roofers has almost 30 years experience in the roofing business, and is one of the top contractors in Brooklyn, NY, known for our highly professional work.

In addition to a full range of services, we offer reasonable pricing, our crew is made up of true professionals, and we guarantee complete satisfaction.

We’re known among Brooklyn roofing companies for doing an excellent job while offering excellent service and great prices. We’re happy to offer free inspections and estimates, and our clients love our great customer service.

Give us a call today at (929) 461-3661, or fill out a simple form to get your free quote.

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