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If you are interested in an eco-friendly roofing option, then green roofing is the perfect option for you. This option has become increasingly popular in industrial, commercial, and residential NYC roofs. Green roofing in New York turns the dead and dull rooftops into vibrant, living spaces. Whether you are looking for a DIY green roof kit or for us to turn your rooftop into a green roof, we can help you in this area. Green roofs provide you with a variety of options, such as having a vegetable garden on your Brooklyn roof or just adding some shrubs to add some color.

Quality green roofing services in Brooklyn

Our quality roofing services in Brooklyn are some of the best available in New York. We can transform any rooftop into a green roof, regardless of the size or layout of the building. Adding some plants to your roof gives your home a much warmer aesthetic than the typical grey roof found in New York. Many people are moving towards this trend, as it is aesthetically appealing as well as reduces your carbon footprint. Being able to improve the way your building looks, as well as saving the environment, is something that appeals to almost everyone.

Green roofs & psychological and physiological benefits

Green roofs also come with a variety of psychological and physiological benefits. They contribute towards promoting a sustainable environment and even manage to reduce the heat in cities. Along with this, the plants on the roof work to clean the air, leaving behind fresher air for you to breathe. A green roof is also extremely effective at dealing with the management of excess water as a result of a storm. The plants absorb the water so that you do not have to worry about water damage to your roof. Green roofs also provide some insulation, meaning that the building is much warmer during the chilly winter months.

Green roofs for buildings

You can contact us for any green roofing needs that you may have. Whether you are interested in adding a green roof to your building or are looking for a DIY kit, we can be of assistance. Our technicians are able to transform any rooftop into a green roof. Their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of roofing means that they can plan your green roof for you with minimal risk of complications. We provide services relating to all aspects of a green roof, including its installation, maintenance, waterproofing, and any repair work that may be required to keep it functional.

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