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An eco-friendly type of roofing that is both resistant and durable is definitively something that sounds very attractive. EPDM roofing offers that and other significant benefits for those who decide to invest in buying this type of roof for their house or workplace.

EPDM roofing started its distribution 40 years ago and has been a massive success since then. Naturally, since we want to give you the best roofing services you can ask for, we offer you to install EPDM roofing in your place. We assure you that EPDM provides comfort and security for your home, and nothing is better than feeling secure under your roof.

What Makes EPDM Roofing So Good?

It’s normal that you could think that someone overrated this type of roofing when they speak so highly of it, but that’s actually because of its top-tier quality. We want you to know all the benefits that EPDM roofing can provide you before you install it, so here are just some of its perks to help you decide if you want this to be the roof that protects you every day:

Resistance and Durability of EPDM

The longevity of a roof is something that you should always consider when deciding which type of roof or materials is right for you. EPDM roofing is a relief for the ones that get really stressed out by that, since it’s known for being extremely resistant and not giving constant problems like other types of roofs may do.

Moisture, fire damage, and leaks are just some of the issues that EPDM protects you from. That takes away the fear of your roof being damaged in the future and lets you focus on other things. This roofing is also very durable, so buying it is having a long-term resistant roof.


EPDM roofing is also a budget-friendly option since it’s significantly affordable compared to other roofing materials. This roof’s installation process is not so complicated, which makes it even cheaper, reducing a lot of the usual installation costs. That offers affordable and reliable roofing that is great for anyone starting up in a place.


You don’t have to worry about jeopardizing the environment with this roofing since it’s 100% eco-friendly. That is because its materials don’t represent any harm to the environment, but quite the opposite since EPDM can be recycled when it gets to the end of its life span.

We Are Ready to Install Your EPDM Roofing!

It’s not easy finding roofing companies in New York that install EPDM roofing, but at Smart Roofing NYC, we are more than available to be the ones that provide you this excellent roofing. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Staten Island roofers or Brooklyn roofing, contact us and let us know when we can start helping you! We are ready to get to any place in New York City.

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