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roof questionWhy Choose Roof Paving in Brooklyn, NY

Many apartments and condominium owners are turning their roofs into usable space in many urban areas, including Brooklyn, NY, where space is limited. Roof paving is one of the hottest architectural trends and a fantastic, safe way to utilize every square inch of your property’s space.

Want to enjoy an urban oasis from the comfort and privacy of your roof? Want to increase your property’s value while attracting potential buyers?

Here is some information for a homeowner and penthouse dwellers alike in Brooklyn, NY, about roof paving, including the different varieties of pavers, adding green elements to your design, and engineering considerations to keep in mind.

basic roof pavingRoof Pavers: The Basics

Otherwise known as a roof deck or roof deck pavers, roof pavers are a unique flat roof alternative that allows homeowners and commercial property owners to transform the roof of their home or complex into usable space.

Basically, roof pavers are used to transform the roof into a deck or patio. However, unlike a deck or patios, roofing pavers are a specialized product manufactured to withstand the intense heat, humidity, and moisture found on a roof.

The pavers are typically laid on top of a series of adjustable pedestals to protect the occupant and ensure proper structural integrity. The pedestals provide extra support and drainage, which is crucial to protect the shingles or other roofing materials installed on the structure.

Additionally, the pedestals are not installed directly on the roof or shingles. Instead, a layer of paving material or substrate, such as crushed stones, drainage mat, reinforcing fabric, and a layer of gravel, is installed under the pedestals for maximum support and drainage.

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When choosing the ideal roofing paver system for your Brooklyn, New York home, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. For example, if you have a skylight, the window must either be removed or reinforced prior to installation to prevent a leak.

The cost of this highly specialized job should also be taken into consideration when planning roofing paver projects, including the installation and maintenance. Prices vary widely, and because you live in Brooklyn, NY, you might pay a premium for a project to be completed properly.

roof diferencesDifferent Varieties of Roof Pavers

Typically, most projects in Brooklyn, New York, utilize one of three different types of pavers: porcelain pavers, wood pavers, or concrete pavers. Each has its own unique pros and cons, so make sure to contact the professionals at Smart Roofers, NY, for a written estimate and expert advice.

porcelain pavers brooklynPorcelain pavers

Often the most cost-effective choice, porcelain pavers are typically 3/4 inches thick, making them more lightweight and easier to handle and install. Because porcelain is nonporous, the tiles themselves require little upkeep.

However, be aware that porcelain pavers, especially sealed pavers, can be slippery. Also, it requires highly specialized tools to cut and adhere porcelain to the pedestals.

The pavers are typically cut on-site, meaning the Brooklyn, NY, roofers must walk up and down stairs multiple times to complete the project. If a paver is broken, a professional should handle the removal process because of the required solvents.

The average price to install porcelain pavers is between $7 to $60/per square foot.

wood pavers in brooklynWood

Opt for wood roof pavers if you want a more natural, aesthetically pleasing look. The majority of wood roofing pavers are manufactured from the wood of the Ipe tree. This coastal tree is native to parts of South America that are known for its durability and moisture resistance.

The wood can be treated, painted, or stained to match any design choice. Just like traditional wood deck pavers, wood roof pavers are prone to cracks, breaks, and damage. This is because wood naturally expands and contracts according to the temperature and humidity.

wood paving project brooklyn

The maintenance and installation costs of wood roof pavers are also more expensive than porcelain. On average, you will pay anywhere from $15 to $45 per square foot for wood roof paving projects.

concrete paving contractorsConcrete pavers

The most commonly used product, concrete pavers, are durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and will make a great addition to your Brooklyn, New York, or New York City rooftop project. Concrete pavers are heavier, so they might require additional hands to install the product.

However, once installed, you will not perform any maintenance aside from having your paving contractors periodically install a replacement and perform a simple repair. Other than that, the most you will need to do is hose off the concrete pavers if a guest spills their drink during a rooftop party.

To complete the project, a quality concrete paving system will cost anywhere from $10 to $27 per square foot.

playscale on rooftop iconConsider Playscape Surfacing

Let’s face it: Finding a clean park in New York City, or even Toms River, NY, can be tricky. If you have kids and want to provide them with a fun and safe place to explore, consider playscape surfacing.

The roofers will either install turf grass tiles or rubber tiles on the pavers. Rubber is installed tile by tile, while turfgrass is either installed in tile form or rolled out over the pavers. Always leave the installation of playscape surfacing to the professionals.

The turf tile or rubber tile must be installed in compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM. To protect your kids and ensure the tile installation is compliant, always leave the job of installing playscape surfacing to the guys at Smart Roofers NY.

consider playscape on your rooftop
Mockup of a Roof Playscape Idea

green roofing servicesAdd Green Elements to Your New Roof

Aside from Central Park, NY City is precisely known for its greenery. Adding a few green elements is truly the best way to enjoy your beautiful new Brooklyn rooftop deck.

roof modular plantsModular plant trays

Much like the garden boxes and trays you would place over your NY city sidewalk, modular plant trays are filled with substrate and plants. The trays can be relocated according to the plant’s particular needs.

intensive green roofers brooklynIntensive green roof

If you have always wanted a house complete with a lush lawn and planters on your front steps but can’t quite give up the hustle and bustle of NYC, consider an intensive green roof system. An intensive green roof, otherwise known as a living roof, is installed by paving contractors and can support heartier plants and trees with a deeper roof system.

extensive green roofers in brooklynExtensive green roof

For a lower-maintenance option, consider an extensive green roof. This roofing system supports smaller plants, grasses, and ground cover with a shallower roof system.

roofing cautions in brooklynA word of Caution

Be aware that if you choose to have your professional contractors undertake a living garden project, the price of upkeep can be expensive. As with any other house garden and lawn, you must constantly tend to the plants and grass and choose hearty species that can withstand the rooftop’s intense heat.

roof engineering iconEngineering and Structural Considerations to Keep in Mind

Before you begin planning your roofing paver project, your team will discuss the limitations and considerations of your unique project, including:

roof capacityCapacity

Because your asphalt or the flat roof was not originally installed to support the weight of a rooftop deck, a structural engineer will need to determine the size and materials you can use to construct your rooftop deck.

For example, keep your expectations in check because your roof might not support the weight of concrete pavers, and you may need to opt for much lighter porcelain pavers instead.

geometry iconGeometry

Just like installing a new asphalt roof on your house, the Brooklyn, NY, the team must have the roof’s geometry a top priority. The roof pitch and the roof design are two factors that can limit the size and weight of your roofing paver project.

accessibility iconAccessibility

Accessibility is an overlooked and massive consideration for your team. In addition to complying with the state’s building codes concerning exterior and interior access, the accessibility of the rooftop deck itself must also be worked into the final project.

wind uplift services brooklynWind uplift

Before the job can begin, roofing installation businesses must perform a variety of tests to ensure the rooftop deck is safe. Your contractor will hire a professional to perform a wind tunnel test. Basically, the professional hired will determine if the structure can be safely installed and is compliant with local and federal codes.

smart roofing services nyWhy Choose Smart Roofers in Brooklyn, NY

With all of the roofers in the Brooklyn area, you might ask yourself: Why should I hire your company to complete my business or residential roofing job?

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We’re Local & We Care

best customer service in townCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority

If you hire our business, we will listen to and address all of your concerns. Our team is efficient, fast, and can perform various roofing repairs to your Brooklyn asphalt, metal, or tile roof.

Here is our simple guarantee: We will always show up to the job in a professional manner to perform quality professional work for less money than the other guys.

trustworthy roofing company near meWe offer trustworthy service and a fair price

Our expertise is unmatched, and our courteous staff can help you complete a variety of jobs, from performing a simple repair to your asphalt roof to replacing or repairing your gutters.

Professional services in Brooklyn, NY

roof repair iconRoofing

In addition to maintaining and installing an asphalt roofing system, our company can also install an EPDM, flat roofing, or even skylights on your property.

exterior servicesExteriors

Need a new concrete driveway? Is your sidewalk in disrepair? Want to have new gutters installed? Don’t waste your time dealing with the other businesses; instead, give Smart Roofers NY a call!

Our business has decades’ worth of experience, and if hired, we can fix or replace your gutters, lay a new concrete driveway, or repaint your property for less than the competition.

siding contractor brooklynSiding

Our company has been installing quality siding for homes in the Brooklyn area for several decades. From metal and vinyl to wood or brick masonry, our business can provide you with a reasonable estimate on performing a quality job.

stucco services nycStucco services in Brooklyn, NY

If your home’s exterior or interior features stucco, or you are considering adding a stucco accent wall to your Brooklyn apartment, give the professionals at Smart Roofers NY a call.

Stucco is an amazingly versatile project that is easy to maintain, is resistant to fire and insects, and can provide a much-needed extra layer of insulation.

stucco brooklyn
Custom Stucco Projects In Brooklyn

roofers near meGive Smart Roofers NY a Call!

Ready to start your roof deck or roofing paver installation project?

Want a company that provides quality work and has proudly served the Brooklyn area for several decades?

Look no further than the fantastic crew at Smart Roofers NY.

A representative from our business is ready and available to discuss all your roofing, siding, stucco, and exterior needs. We will provide you with an extremely fair estimate for quality work and are available immediately to start the job!

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Gina W. BrooklynMy roof in Bensonhurst was in serious trouble

“The metal roofing system on my Bensonhurst home was completely destroyed. The roof was supposed to have a lifetime warranty, but the previous company did a bad installation job. Smart Roofers came in and were able to repair the metal roof in a single afternoon.”

David B. Brooklyn, nycA great choice for my Flatbush siding

“I wanted to upgrade my home’s vinyl siding and called around for quotes. Smart Roofers NY came in with a great price, and that coupled with their amazing record and reviews made choosing them a simple choice.”

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“I love the look of stucco and wanted to replace my current siding with stucco. Smart Roofers NY came in with an amazing quote and finished the job very quickly. I love the stucco on my new house in Midwood.”

George L queens, nyMy home in Mill Basin needed paving contractors and roofing help

“The metal roofing on my Mill Basin home was completely destroyed during a nasty storm. My driveway also suffered serious damage. I needed someone who could come in fast and would work with my insurance company. Smart Roofers NY did a great job, and I love my new roof.”

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