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roof replacement iconReplacing your roof before you risk your health and safety is incredibly important. Sometimes a NY roofing company can repair your roof, but sometimes it is damaged beyond repair, and you need a complete roof replacement.

When you find you need a new roof for your house or company in Brooklyn, you want to be sure to choose a roofing company that repairs all sorts of roofs, including flat roofs, pitched roofs, shingle roofs, roofs with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and any other kind of roof material you can imagine.

But how do you know whether your existing roof needs just repair or a new roof in Brooklyn, NY? Before that leaky roof gets out of hand and can no longer be fixed with repairs, let’s take a look at why you want to call roofing contractors to talk about your NY roofing.

roof questionHow do I know I should call a roofing company to replace my roof?

It’s time to call Brooklyn roofing contractors for a free estimate for a NY roof job when your old roof has these issues:

roof leak repair brooklynYou notice leaks

Brown stains on the ceiling and walls of your NY house are a sign you need roofing services. No matter how high quality, including roofing systems, roofing materials don’t last forever and, over time, deteriorate or become damaged and need to be replaced.

Roof leaks happen for a lot of reasons. One is weakened roofing materials that let water seep in between, under, and through your shingles into your home or commercial space.

This means water intrusion, and sometimes you’ll see visible puddles in your NY home or business during rainstorms from the water flow inside. You’ll also see puddles on a flat roof.

Small leaks can sometimes be patched or repaired by roofing contractors, but often small leaks go undetected until they create a bigger problem and require a new roof.

If you have leaks, it’s time to call roofing contractors in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Heights, Staten Island, Park Slope, Mill Basin, or anywhere in the Brooklyn area.

But be sure they can repair any roof type, offer free estimates, do quality work, and don’t just do roof repair and use the best roofing material.

damaged shingles repair iconYour shingles are damaged

It’s time to call a NY roofing company for roofing services when you see issues with your shingles.

It may be hard to see with steeply pitched roofs, but over time, shingles can suffer all sorts of damage that defy roof repairs.

That means you need roofing work in Brooklyn, NY, done, of course, by the best roofing company in New York.

Look for:

Shingles that are cracked

These are letting water into your NY home or commercial space.

cracked roof repair
Shingle Roof Contractors Near Me

Curled or damaged shingles

Shingles start loosening as your roof ages. And a buildup of moisture can happen between the materials–the roofing systems–insulating your roof and attic.

The moisture will curl your shingles, and it doesn’t matter if your New York home is old or new, it is probably time to call roofing contractors for a free quote.

missing a shingleYou have shingles missing

Missing shingles are never a good sign in Brooklyn or anywhere in New York. Call roofing contractors and have them send out a team to do an inspection pronto.

damaged shingle roof repair brooklynVent discoloration or damage

Discolored vents or damaged vents can contribute to roof damage to your NY house by limiting ventilation, which leads to moisture buildup, which leads to roof damage that can’t be fixed by a mere roof repair.

Granules are Missing

Those little pebbles on your shingles help protect your NY roof from the weather. It’s natural to lose some of these over time, and you’ll see them in your gutters.

Lost granules make it easy for the sun and water to cause leaks as well as deterioration.

But lost granules don’t always mean you need to replace your roof.

fix roof nearby
Smart Roofers Action

Sometimes NY roofing contractors could just do a roof repair by replacing damaged shingles, but usually, your roofing company will be talking to you not about roof repair but roof installation in Brooklyn, NY.

plants of roofYou have plants growing on your roof

Whether you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, plants like moss growing on it is a problem. Flat roofs in NY can have puddles after rain which leads to moss growth.

Moss is bad news for any roof. On NY flat roofs, it can damage the coating as it spreads. The surface expands and contracts with changes in the weather.

This causes small imperfections that allow water in, and moss can break off in clumps, roll into your gutters, and block them.

chimney repair services brooklynChimneys or skylights are damaged

It is time to call NY roofing contractors in Brooklyn if you notice damage to chimneys or skylights. It could be that you just need roof repair work to replace the flashing around the chimney or skylight.

But often, you have leaks and condensation that have ruined your Brooklyn, NY, roof, and you will need roof installation at your house or company.

fix broken guttersYou need new gutters

You can get cracks and holes in your gutters in New York, whether it is damage from animals, hail, storms, or even if they were improperly installed.

Gutters can leak between joints, which means you would not need replacement but instead would need a repair job.

You might also need service if your fasteners are loose or the gutters aren’t pitched correctly.

During Brooklyn winters, ice dams can develop in your gutters and cause leaks that require prompt service. You might even need new gutters installed in NY.

Call a roofing contractor in NY and get a free quote.

roof services iconIf Your Roof Line is Sagging, You need Roofing Services

Look at the shape of your New York roofline. It should be both strong and straight. This isn’t an issue with flat roofing, but it is with pitched roofs.

Do you see dipping, sagging, or curving? It’s time to call a roofing company with a team experienced not just in repair but in installation.

Sagging NY rooflines can be caused by framing issues, but they also can be caused because your roof deck is water saturated.

The existing one can’t be fixed by doing a repair job, and your roofers will tell you that you need roof installation.

If you or your roofing contractors in Brooklyn see damaged shingles, water damage, or leaks, you need to call roofing services that are locally owned, offers a free estimate, are fully licensed, do a quality job, and have experience with your particular roofing problem in NY.


NY residents should act quickly because a sagging roofline can partially or completely cave in.

Tell your roofing contractor that you need a team out ASAP. If they can’t provide speedy service, move on to another contractor in Brookly or NY and see if they can do the job right away.

flat roofing services nyLet’s talk about flat roof challenges

Flat roofs can be found on some NY homes and businesses.

Flat roofing can present some unique issues not found in other roofing systems, so if you notice any of these, be sure to call roofers.

These flat roof problems that require speedy service can be found in Brooklyn and all over NY and include:

roof sun damage iconSun and weather exposure

Flat roof issues in Brooklyn include exposure to the sun, lightning, freezes, hail, wind damage, and debris driven by the wind.

Pollution can also contribute to you needing a flat roof repair job in NY.

roof leaks brooklynLeaks

Leaks happen to all roofing, but they are extremely common when it comes to flat roofs. They need maintenance by a roofing company that understands NY flat roofing.

If the job of maintenance isn’t done, your roof will no longer shed water properly, and that means it has only one place to go: inside your building.

These roofing leaks may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause problems like dangerous mold in Brooklyn, NY, if the problem is ignored.

leaking roof repair
Looking For A Leaking Roof Repair? Call Us Now!

ponds on your nyc roofPonds on your New York roof

Drainage can be a problem with flat roofs. They are usually constructed in NY with a slight slope, but because there is no “natural” slope, you can have roofing problems.

Water from rain, fog, frost, or snow in Brooklyn can collect in standing ponds, say NY roofers. A gallon of water weights eight pounds can cause your flat roof to sag in places and leak.

It’s time to call in local Brooklyn roofing companies who can send a team over to look at the scope of the job. Be sure to take advantage of free estimates, and be sure you find roofers who do a quality job and offer prompt service, whether you need repairs or a roof installed.

roof shrink or blisterBlistering and shrinking roofs in Brooklyn NY

It’s important to have your flat roof inspected regularly, and it can be done at a reasonable price by most roofers. Just be sure to get those free estimates before work starts.

flat roof repair brooklynBlistering on your NY flat roofing

Flat roofs can suffer from blistering, as well as other defects on the surface. Alligatoring happens when a roofing membrane deteriorates to the point that it looks like alligator skin.

These sorts of surface defects usually happen because the roofing was overexposed to the sun or the insulation in your roofing systems has been saturated with moisture.

damaged roof replacmentShrinkage usually means replacement in Brooklyn

Shrinking can be caused by a membrane that was improperly installed with a defective membrane.

This is why it’s important to always choose locally-owned quality roofing services from roofing contractors that use quality materials.

This shrinkage happens on Brooklyn roofs that are made from synthetic rubber, such as EPDM. Seams eventually pull apart and allow small openings in the roof’s surface that can create leaks in your NY house or company.

hi tech roofing solutions brooklynHi-Tech Roofing in NY

The design of homes is ever-changing, and innovations are being developed all the time. One of these is a high-tech roofing system composed of metal roofing that can be put over an existing roof or installed as a new roof in Brooklyn, NY.

This innovative roofing system focuses on saving energy and includes:

roof coating brooklynA reflective coating

In urban areas like Brooklyn, NY, a reflective coating can help you save up to 25% on summer cooling as well as help slow the “heat island effect” from buildings absorbing heat and then re-emits it.

roof reflective coat in brooklyn nyc
Roof Reflective Material Installation.

solar panels brooklynSolar thermal panels to heat water

Solar thermal panels store solar energy. This will help many a NY home and business reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lower electricity use.

rainwater harvesting iconRainwater harvesting

It is not for drinking in NY, but the water collected can be used to water plants, flush toilets, or for any other use that doesn’t require purified water.

solar electric panelsSolar electric panels

Solar electric panels on your NY roofing can provide energy for your entire home or office building.

roofing cautions nycWhat roofing material should I use in NY?

There are a lot of roofing types available, and your NY roofer can tell you what’s best suited for your home and business.

Roofing available in NY include:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Shingles Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Solar Tiles
  • Green Roofing

So whether you want to go with traditional materials or something more hi-tech in NY, find a roofing business that not only provides speedy, reliable service but one that also offers plenty of options for you to choose from.

free quote roofingRoof replacement cost in Brooklyn NY

The national average for roofing replacement is between $5,700 and $12,310 per Angi, with the average price being $8,990.

A lot of factors play into this cost, including the size of your home or business and the material used. The best way to find out is to get a free estimate.

roofers near meWe’re the Best of the Best Among Brooklyn Roofing Contractors

When you need a roofing company in the Brooklyn area that provides amazing work with quality service and reasonable pricing, we’re the only real choice. We have a roofing team that includes members who have been roofing for three generations and a project manager who makes sure you get an excellent job.

We’re known as one of the top roofing contractors for roof repairs or replacement in the state of New York because we always do an amazing job and take a proactive approach to keep your home or business in top shape by reviewing possible future projects to protect it.

We do more than roofing. We do siding repairs, brick work, and can service much of the exterior of your building.

Get in touch and schedule an appointment today to get your home or business checked out before it requires emergency service. Of course, if it does, we’ll be there promptly. We provide free estimates for our quality work throughout the Brooklyn area. Just fill out our handy form or give us a call today at (929)461-3661.

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