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If you don’t want to use vinyl siding in your home, it could be because you don’t like it or you haven’t had good experiences with it, so you ask yourself: What is a decent alternative to vinyl siding or wall cladding? And stucco is the answer to that question! Stucco offers a low-cost choice with a great range of customization that works as a finish to your house or building.

Stucco services are not as common and popular as they should be, but we want to help you understand why stucco is a premium choice for those who desire to decorate their houses or install not-so-expensive protection on their interior and exterior walls. However, the protection stucco provides includes numerous aesthetic possibilities for you to choose from.

What Is EIFS Stucco?

There are many types of stucco services, each having particular characteristics that make them unique and useful in their own way. EIFS stucco is one of those types of stucco that offer a fair number of advantages and perks that make them a highly recommendable choice for those who want to apply stucco in their homes.

EIFS stucco is different from the other stucco types because you can modify it and customize it to give you improvements that the others lack. Traditional stucco is a decent service that achieves its goal decently but has some problems, such as the possibility of water flowing through it. EIFS, on the other hand, offers complete protection from water and a very decent insulation system.

You could describe EIFS stucco as an improved type of stucco that uses different layers of various materials to have increased advantages. However, we know that this process can be a little complicated, so keep reading to learn more information that can help you to understand EIFS stucco better.


As said before, EIFS stucco can use a great variety of materials to get its work done. However, it’s understandable that you worry about which materials are used in this process. Some of this product’s primary materials are cement, aggregate, and glass mesh. However, EIFS stucco is also known as synthetic stucco because it uses synthetic materials that improve impact resistance and insulation.

The most common way in which EIFS stucco is installed is by using six layers that work altogether to protect your walls. These six layers also include an acrylic or polymer base and a textured finish that can be chosen by the client.


It’s essential that, like other roofing and siding services, you ask professionals to install EIFS stucco. That’s because making mistakes while installing the product can cause you to lose its utility or cause damage to your building.

What stucco companies do to install this product is mix the layers mentioned before on an EPS board and then attach that board directly to the sheets or walls we want to apply the stucco on. Theoretically, that process is quite simple, but it requires experience and expertise to be done correctly.

What Makes EIFS Stucco So Good?

The use of synthetic materials and more layers than the traditional stucco makes EIFS a desirable option for those who want to invest in the best protection they can receive. However, these materials and layers work to provide specific advantages that are worth knowing, so here is a list of some of the improvements that EIFS can give you:


EIFS stucco has something that none of the other types of stucco have, which is an excellent insulation system. That, being one of EIFS stucco’s main advantages, means a structural improvement that saves you a considerable amount of money at the end of the month. Energy bills are stressful and expensive, but a good insulator is a decent option to ease those bills.

Water Protection

Commonly, traditional stucco shows damage and problems due to moisture and water going through it. Leaks are an issue that torments millions of houses every day, but EIFS stucco is the perfect solution to that problem. Unlike other services, EIFS stucco offers complete protection from water and any weather condition, making it more durable and resistant.

Low Maintenance

Some products require long and expensive maintaining processes to keep working without damaging your house or the aesthetic of it. EIFS stucco is known for its longevity and resistance, so it doesn’t need to be repaired or maintained very often. However, synthetic stucco repairs are both easy and cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on them.

Let Professionals Install Your EIFS Stucco!

We told you the importance of letting professional stucco companies repair and install synthetic stucco, but what if a renowned roofing company provided siding and stucco installing services? Smart Roofing NYC is that company, and we are ready to help you regardless of which area of New York City you live in.

Smart Roofing NYC has an experienced team that knows how to address all your problems while helping you understand and maintain your home. Whether if it’s roofing or siding, we are here for you! Contact us and let us deal with all your problems for you.

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