One-Coat Stucco Siding

one stucco layer in nyc

Stucco is an excellent option for anyone looking for an exterior finish. It is incredibly versatile and also durable, meaning that it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Its application procedure is very similar to that of plaster; however, plaster is used for interior finishes, and stucco is specifically designed to be used on […]

Three-Coat Stucco House

3 coats stucco

Stucco is a great option for anyone for a durable solution that also adds some sophistication to any property. It is a great solution for anyone who needs a solution an exterior finish. It is a blend of Portland cement mixed with sand, fibers, and water. Its top layer can be customized with a variety […]

EIFS Stucco Siding & Exterior

eifs stucco nyc

If you don’t want to use vinyl siding in your home, it could be because you don’t like it or you haven’t had good experiences with it, so you ask yourself: What is a decent alternative to vinyl siding or wall cladding? And stucco is the answer to that question! Stucco offers a low-cost choice […]

Why Stucco?

why stucco

When talking about construction, you have many services available for you; roofing, siding, or replacing any of those. Stucco is one of those services, being a fascinating option that offers a lot of benefits. But, with so many materials to work with on the market, why stucco? That is a question that many have asked […]

Fog Coating VS Stucco, What Is The Best For Me?

fog coating in nyc

If you own a stucco building, there may be a time when you need to repaint it or remodel it to keep it from getting dirty or looking off. That has happened to many people, and all of them have come to the question: Should I use fog coating or paint the stucco? Both options […]